Due to a scheduling need at Noble High School, Thursday, May 29th, will be a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL. This will NOT be a  late-start Thursday.

Odyssey of the Mind

Two teams from Noble Middle School competed in the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition in Biddeford on Saturday and both were chosen to participate at the next  level!  2nd place winners are Ella Nason, Alaina Smith, Larry Abbiati, Caleb Holt-Fitzgerald, Travis Marshall and Griffin Gower. 3rd place winners are Maggie Sebert, Ethan Chandler, Will DoByns, Gavin Mason, Natalie Randall (5th grade), and Sam LaFrance.  Best of luck to both teams!

Be Yourself Week

The Civil Rights team sponsored a multimedia festival as part of Be Yourself Week, February 10th - 13th. Students submitted posters, artwork, short slideshows and videos exploring the theme of 'being yourself'.  To view the video created by the Gray 6 Team, please CLICK HERE.

Information Concerning Influenza

As reported by our school nurse, Amy Moody, the flu season is upon us and has been officially documented in every county within the state of Maine.  If your child shows any flu-like symptoms, please keep them home where they can get the rest and fluids they need to recover and return to school.  Flu symptoms include a fever over 100.4°, headache, cough, body aches, and extreme exhaustion.  As always, please call the school to report your child's absence and the symptoms/diagnosis of influenza.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Nurse Moody.


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